Tuesday, December 20, 2011

just cause

This one's gonna be a free for all.

I have the time to write. And the desire, so...here's to late-night blogging.

I've found myself at the pinnacle of my college education--surprisingly enough, from here on out I have less ahead of me than behind.

Seasoned am I.

And as a conclusion, even as a veteran among my freshman counterparts, I admit I just experienced the most defining semester of my young adult life.

I witnessed betrayal and confronted a broken heart.
I relied on my soul mates and rediscovered strength.
I created purpose and redirected by pursuits.
I chose happiness over hatred and festered over my potential.
I made investments and spent too much money.
I offered apologies and begged for second chances.
I found a boy and fell in love.

The semester I've been anticipating since I graduated Dixie High School; an entire season of "FIRST"s and "LAST"s.

The FIRST time I've ever used my Master Card to make a purchase exceeding
1. the worth of my seven-year-old Saturn Ion.
2. the amount of my 2011 tax return.
3. the total amount of gas money I spent traveling to the East Coast, and back.

I'll defend that purchase til the day I die and spend any given opportunity justifying my actions. Though, there is a very obvious sting associated with paying off $50 accessory pillows in increments of the "minimum payment". Yes, plural pillows and yes the biggest purchase of my life, thus far, has been on designing the bed of my dreams.

It was an investment, and I am an fool.

Giddy up.

This October was the FIRST time I've ever used the one curse I vowed I'd never, ever say.

I imagine the "LAST time I ever said that curse I vowed I'd never, ever say" declaration will be in another post. New habits...die hard? :)

November 25th: The LAST time I ever worked a Black Friday in a blue polo.

I tried eggnog for the FIRST time, ever.
An event I recognize as a FIRST and a LAST...

I was kissed in the aisles of a library, for the FIRST time.
I Nerf'd and Grooveshark'd for the FIRST time too.
I watched an episode of The Unit, had a desire to perfect my German accent, ice skated with my eyes closed, and ate tiramisu!!

Hopefully those exclamation points are as nauseating to you as they were to me. Especially considering the rhyme they are exclaiming--it must be four in the morning.

The past few months even encouraged a legitimate interest in the logistics of the military. That's a FIRST.

I changed guitar strings for the FIRST time and purchased a Victoria's Secret bra.
And when I say "I changed guitar strings for the FIRST time and purchased a VS bra," I regret to clarify that those happenings were indeed two separate events.
And when I say "a bra," I mean two bras. Naturally.

In October I had my FIRST kiss with that same boy I have fallen and am falling in love with. I'm hoping that occasion finds something in common with my eggnog experiment.

It would be a fulfillment of my best made plans to recognize that as a FIRST and a LAST.

Considerably more FIRSTS than LASTS, but an acceptable summary of my past few months and a gateway leading right into New Year's resolutions.

1. Stop saying that one word..

The FIRST one to greet this morning, and the LAST one to go to bed.