Friday, October 21, 2011

lady bug, lady bug, fly away home

Yesterday morning I woke up to a lady bug on my pillow...

I instinctively told her to let me sleep and to go home. She disregarded my suggestion, but advised me to do the same--for reasoning other than a house fire or unattended children.

She told me to go home, so I did; she told me to find happiness, so I am.

Tonight I'm sleeping in southern Utah with a partial heart. I feel broken, but hopeful. My closest friends and most faithful family members are challenging my sorrow with peanut butter cupcakes, filthy rap music, exaggerated memories, complimentary glitter toes, pornographic picture messages, songs about Spanish love affairs, and real hugs--the Melvin J. Price kind. The distance between Logan, Heber, and St. George makes things complicated, but reminds me that I'm still alive. I15 was the best recovery for a brief moment of heartache.

Nicole Murray: Enjoy the weekend with your sweetheart, I couldn't have survived this week without you.
Jeff Sonderegger: Enjoy the sweet smells of your momma's house, with or without appendicitis.
Laura Wilson: Enjoy Texas, but more importantly enjoy yourself. What I wouldn't give to live on your street...
Tennessee Casas: God bless you for covering my shift. Enjoy the dinner I'ma make for you when I get back.
Phil Wright: Enjoy your Tony Horton abs, "you're more of a man than I."
Tyler McGinnis: Enjoy your genius. I'm so impressed with your innovation. Put it to good use and celebrate your originality.
Matthew Laplante: Enjoy my personal profile. You provided me more opportunity to address my issues than any other professor. Many tears were shed in the name of my News Media midterm.
Nikelle Taylor Flores: Enjoy your humor. You are one of the funniest people I know and I will be thankful everyday that we share a dirty mind and a curious soul.
Klydi Heywood: Enjoy your family, and your momma! Happy birthday darling.
Tia Jeppesen: Enjoy your glamorous weekend and know that you are missed.
Lady at Urban Renewal: Enjoy your winter-green fur coat.
Sierra McCleve: Enjoy your skill, your infectious laughter, and you ability to "talk 'em down."

Women: Enjoy your complexities and your contradictions.
Men: Enjoy your women.

Men and women: Enjoy each other.

Jessica, J, Jess, J-Fresh: Enjoy your versatility, your options, your dreams. Enjoy your sisters, your mom, your friendships, your networks. Enjoy your job, your education, your plans. Enjoy your words, even your curses. Enjoy the fall, enjoy your abilities, enjoy the time. Enjoy your ladybugs and your full, weathered, able heart.