Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cinna-bombs and vinegar chasers

I can't help but think I need to post something, right this second.

To my sister: "Just follow your heart, and nothing is impossible!!!!!!!!"-Jacquimo (a quote directly from her childhood's worst memory; Thumbelina)
To the pregnant lady who skuzzed Food Network whilest on the treadmills yesterday morning, yet shortly after asking if the chicken being prepared was fried or baked: Your baby's thanks, is thanks enough.
To the world's most prominent widow's peak: Tis the season, you made Halloween for me this year.
To Danielle Parker: Though we identify similarities on a regular basis, you are what I want to be -- I'm not there yet, thanks for setting the example..all day, everyday. You're great. Remember that for ever and for always.
To the boys that just left game night: I pulled my obliques with laughter (plural, obliques, both) and still have to pee. Mind you, I've gone four times since I lost water Uno and hour ago.
To the Doctor that conducted my physical this morning: I salute your enthusiasm and appreciate your praise. You have great shoes -- good luck to your son and his endeavors with the food movement.
To my mom: I'll never be ok with saying bye, especially when leaving takes me somewhere temporarily referred to as home. Thanks for the Easy Mac, we both know I will initially deny any association...but I'll cave. And then probably blog about it. You're a gem, stay what you are.
To Best Buy: Thanks for giving me a day of work.
To Brad, from Best Buy: Thank you for contributing to my eLearning, 5th times a charm.
To Tyrnee, from Best Buy: 1. Your bomb for all your academic accomplishments, 2. You are a riot -- "Quasimodo" references from now until forever, 3. Warning: I make things awkward. Thanks for laughing with me.
To Phil, from Best Buy: Thanks for noticing my purple nail polish.
To my roommates: The ghost(s) rearranged the clean dishes today.
To the creator of my 5 Dollar Foot Long: God bless you. Never before has a 5 Dollar Foot Long been consumed so fast. I blame you, appreciatively.
To the snow: Eventually you're majestic charm is going to fade. We've still got a few weeks left to our blissful friendship, but still, you suck.
To myself: Decide what you want. What do you want?